Bull's Head
Maple burl wood & iron
18" x 14" x 5"

In her work on images and symbols, Mircea Eliade--one of the most renowned expositors of the psychology of religion, mythology, and magic--shows that myth and symbol constitute a mode of thought that not only came before that of discursive and logical reasoning, but is still an essential function of human consciousness.
    "...A domestic animal-such as a bull-is turned loose; some days later it is searched for and sacrificed at the place where it is found. Later the altar will be raised there and the village will be built around the altar. In all these cases, the sacrality of a place is revealed by animals. This is as much as to say that men are not free to choose the sacred site, that they only seek for it and find it by the help of mysterious signs."
Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion.  

Artwork, Mod Mekkawi