The Feminine in all its complexities
Maple burl wood
9-1/2" x 9 "

"Woman was the first to note a correspondence between an internal process she was going through and an external process in nature. She is the one who constructs a more holistic epistemology in which subject and object are in sympathetic resonance with one another. She is the holistic scientist who constructs a taxonomy for all the beneficial herbs and plants; she is the one who knows the secrets of the time of their flowering. The world-view that separates the observer from the system he observes, that imagines that the universe can be split into mere subjectivity and real objectivity, is not of her doing. Hers is the philosophy that stood before the speculations of the presocratics; she is the "Holy Mother Church" which Descartes challenged when he cut the umbilical cord between philosophy and the Church and split reality into the res extensa and the res cogitans."
— William I. Thompson, The time falling bodies take to time: Mythology, sexuality & the origin of culture (St Martin's Griffin, 1996).

Artwork, Mod Mekkawi